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'Back to Kama' organization announces new campaign for Black History Month

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 7 - “For February, Black History Month, our organization will intensify its contacts with influential people who could benefit from a return to the African continent, known as Kama to the original inhabitants before colonizers came and renamed it,” said Dr. Gbedia Dodo, President of the Back to Kama Association, in a statement released today.
“Centuries have passed since the ancestors of many accomplished people were deported and enslaved to build the American continent and the fortunes of Europe. Now it’s time to rebuild Kama.”

Dodo said the Back to Kama (BTK) dream was launched in March 2009, after international spiritual leader Rael emphasized in a speech that the African continent should be saved first to avert violent global self-destruction and the end of humanity.

“Kama has the potential to reach a modern post-industrialized level quickly, and without the need to go through the industrialized steps taken by the West,” Dodo explained.

“It’s like a virgin land for entrepreneurs willing to give something back to the continent of their origin. And that’s especially true for all the descendants of slaves, who could return now to the home of their ancestors and restore the dignity and unique peaceful culture that the colonizers destroyed centuries ago.”

Dodo said the new campaign is primarily targeting the African-American community.

“Although Black History Month is a positive legal step, the danger for the African- American community will be to continue looking in the rear view mirror rather than start looking forward,” Dodo said. “Back to Kama offers the African Diaspora a dream solution that will transform our present fate and lead us into the future.”

She said her organization’s goal is to support new entrepreneurial efforts in Africa by informing the West – and successful African-Americans in particular – of the superior benefits to be derived from doing business in Kama.

“With the increasing financial crisis in the United States and Europe, many nations in Kama are becoming the best destinations for successful business investments,” Dodo pointed out.
“Together, we can make this dream a reality and turn Kama into one of the most blossoming continents on the planet.”

She said the Back to Kama team will contact celebrities, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and business people throughout Black History Month.

“We’ll give these movers and shakers a detailed vision of what Kama’s future can be like if they unite to make it happen,” Dodo said. “And we mustn’t forget Rael’s warning that saving the planet depends on saving Kama first.”

To learn more about the Back to Kama project, visit www.backtokama.org
or http://www.facebook.com/BackToKama.org

englishonThursday 07 February 2013 - 18:02:05

Rael congratulates President Wade

Rael congratulates the Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade for his offer to repatriate the Haitians and he encourages other Presidents to do the same and to extend the offer to all slaves’ descendents.

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Raelians launch Back to Kama’ campaign

thomasonThursday 30 April 2009 - 05:44:00

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